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Fun New Vampire Knight Website

At long last, I would like to unveil a fun new website completely devoted to all things Vampire Knight!

Vampire-Knight.net - Vampire Knight Online 
Vampire Knight Online - www.vampire-knight.net

I have been trying to bring this site into fruition for the better part of the last two years or so XD.  It's taken a lot of time and at least one vacation's worth of money to get it to where it can do what I wanted it to do, so I am really excited to finally be able to open it up for use!

The purpose of the site is to have a place dedicated just to VK, where people can come to find or to share all types of Vampire Knight related works.

The site has sections for Fanfiction, Fan-Art, Videos / AMVs, Doujinshi, Games, Recipes, Plot Bunnies and Challenges.

You can search and browse them all by character, pairing, rating, genre, warnings or kink, so there's a lot of options to help people find exactly what they want to see.  All ratings are allowed, but you have to be a registered member and verify your age to view anything M and above. Registration is completely free of course.

There's also Character Bios, info, and a Store (products link to where VK stuff can be purchased elsewhere online, the site itself doesn't sell anything). I'm still trying to flesh some of those areas out, but they're there.

Because most of us (like me) already have our work spread out across a variety of sites - FFN for stories, Deviant Art for pictures and so on, the VKO website is set up so that you don't have to duplicate your efforts.  You can create entries for your stories, pictures and douji that link to your work on another site, but it will still be searchable on the VKO site.  My hope is for the site to become a kind of central repository for everything VK related, so it's easy for people to come and find exactly what they're looking for, no matter where on the web it's stored. You can choose whether or not to allow reviews/comments on your work (only registered users can review).

The site has some fun, unique features (at least I think they are):

  • Bunny Adoption Center - you can put plot bunnies up for adoption or adopt ones posted by others (you even get to choose a bunny pic to represent it ;D) You can see who has adopted your bunnies as well as the results of them. Bunnies can be posted for stories, pictures, videos or doujinshi.

  • Challenges - kind of like bunnies, only where bunnies are idea starters that can be used in many different ways, challenges have certain set criteria that the person accepting the challenge must try to meet and include in their resulting work. Post a challenge or accept one. Challenges can also be for stories, pictures, videos or douji.

  • A special rating system for fanfiction, pictures, videos, douji, challenges and bunnies.  It's not a rating system that tries to say how good the submission is, because I find those tend to be abused and cause conflict - rather, this one just focuses on letting people know more about the kind of work it is.

    There are three "meters" - Tissue Meter, Sweetness Meter and Nosebleed Meter, each of which is rated on a scale of 1-5. So for instance a tear-jerker story might have a high tissue rating, while a fluffy story or a cute picture might have a high sweetness rating and a drool-worthy lemon in any medium would get a high nosebleed rating. So whether a particular work has a high or a low rating in any category is never a negative thing, it's simply a reflection of what type of work it is. Registered site members can each rate an entry once and the work's overall rating is the average result of those votes. When you're in the fanfic, picture, video, douji, challenges or bunnies galleries there are links in the side-menu that let you sort the entries by the three different ratings types, so if you're looking for a little hotness or for a good cry, it can help you find something to suit your mood. 

Right now, it's mostly my work on the site since it's just opened. I hope you will all take a few minutes to sign up and add some of your own to help the site start growing. :)

The site also has some basic sort-of Facebook-like features. Nothing nearly so complex as FB of course, but each member does have their own profile and a sort of a wall feed that shows their recent activity on the site. You can post status updates and send/accept friend requests. Like I said, very basic, but kind of fun. It also has it's own internal "like" system, as well as most content also automatically getting Facebook "Like" buttons so you can share your works and your friends works on Facebook too.

Each user's profile page has tabs for all their different work submitted on the site, so you can quickly view all their stories, pictures, etc. etc. right from their profile page.  There is also a PM system and a way to send invites to your friends to join the site right from your profile page.

You can join fan groups to support your favorite characters and invite others to join as well.  There is a strict no bashing policy on the site, btw.

So, anyway, there's a lot of stuff you can do on the site.  Some of you may remember way back when I first got the URL and was getting ideas from everyone on what kind of a site you'd like to see (although if you don't remember, I don't blame you, it was a fairly long time ago).  I tried to incorporate as many of the suggestions as I could into the website, so hopefully everyone will find something to enjoy.

Sorry about there having to be ads on the site, but I tried to make sure they were as as noninvasive as possible. I'm still paying off people who helped me with different parts of it and there's the monthly hosting and all too. It's been a fairly costly endeavor, but I feel it's worth it. :)  'Tis a labor of love for the VK community and I'm really looking forward to being able to use it too, so it's all good. But if you would like to take a moment to check out some of the different sponsor links / ads on the site, that would be really nice and appreciated.

There is inevitably things I wish I could add or handle slightly differently and I'm sure you all will find such things too - but please keep in mind before writing me about them that this site is pretty much offered as is for your use and enjoyment. I would certainly love to add or tweak features as time goes on, but I can't promise I can do anything more with it than what's there and I can only offer very limited technical support for any issues. A very nice person who does awesome work helped me a lot with the customization and set-up of the management platform back when I first started the project. We're not in touch anymore and she prefers to remain anonymous, but I thank her a lot for all the help.  I'm on my own now though, so hopefully everything will just continue to work. :)

Well, this post is ending up super long, but I guess I'm just all happy and excited to be able to finally share my shiny new baby with everybody. I really hope you all enjoy it!  Please, please, please sign up and share your work!!! :D

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I made an account, but now, whenever I try logging in, it just doesn't work :/

Anon: I think you should get an activation email to confirm the email address you used, make sure you follow the instructions in that email. If you didn't get it, check your spam box or try signing up again to see if you mistyped your email address.

If you already activated your account and still can't log in make sure you're using the same username and password you signed up with, it is case sensitive on the passwords.

If it still doesn't work, try resetting your password on this page here and a new one will be sent to the email address you signed up with.

Hope that helps!

COOOOOOL! I'm going to set up an account later, but omg so kewl! :)

Is the My Vampire Heart site going away with the introduction of the new Vampire Knight Online site?

DANJSG1FAN: :D Cool! Friend me when you join up. :)

Garden Guru: Oh no, definitely not. This is my blog and it's not going anywhere. My Vampire Heart is my personal Kaname and Zero obsessed haven and always will be as long as I'm active with VK stuff. :) This is still where I'm going to be posting all my updates and rambles and what not.

Vampire Knight Online is different, it's meant to be a community site for sharing everybody's works and kind of aggregating everything VK into one place so it's easier for fans to find. But it's not going to change how I run or post on this site. :)

This comment has been removed by the author.

I've been away from the VK universe for far too long! *drags herself back to the fandom*

Its great to see a VK fansite about, there seems so little out there despite VK being popular. You should put a post out on the VK LJ comm seeing as its looking rather dead so maybe this could get the fans up and at it while waiting for the new chapter.

And of course, the site looks fab. Thank you for doing this, BW! *drifts off to look through the rest of it*


Vani! gosh. this is so wonderfull. I have the same probl as others. but i wil*fight*. It can be a so wonderfull place to reborm the Vk fandom to the core!!! it's the kind of place i have always dream of. not loosy and not "fake-y" you really have work a lot and hard!

I still remember the domain stuff and come back to mind to so on so. (even i let me pass unoticed for long periods is some of nice *not better word now* you became kind of important to me thanks to VK world)

Maybe i will help me to forget the regrets [...] and make me feel more proactive fangilr again.

Hey, you can promote it on LJ, specially this month theres not chap.


Holy Crisp this awesome idea!!

*going in to sign up*

Espanglish: Hey there! *glomps* Yes, I agree. I think there is a lot of VK love out there, it's just scattered all over the internet in various places and not easy to find, I'm hoping VKO can act as a gathering point. :D *keeps her fingers crossed*

Good idea about LJ, I shall have to do that. Thanks!!!

Isilen: Yay! Glad you like the idea! Yes, that's exactly the kind of place I want / hope this will be. :) Thanks!!

*hugs* LOL you get a gold star for good memory then! ;) I certainly may take a while to get things done, but I usually get there eventually.

*cheers for your inner fangirl, hoping to prod her out* :)

Yes, very good idea, I shall have to dig up my LJ login and do that. *hugs*

jeza-red: yay!!! :D

it looks amazing!!! excellent work with that site ^^/


I'm excited, the site sounds awesome. Going on it now :)

i made an account too but i didnt get any activation email and i cannot login no matter what i try....i did write the email correctly

I really love your new vk site ;)
But yesterday tried to make an account but didnt get the activation email and so today i still can´t log myself in :/
Pleassseee help me !!!

Anons: Check your spam or junkmail folders for the activation email and make sure that any emails with @vampire-knight.net in them are marked as safe senders in your email program. If you still have no luck, let me know the username you signed up with and I will see if I can manually activate your accounts for you.

I already checked my junkfolder and markes vampire-knight.net as safe but there was not any email :/
My username is iluvuhx3.
Thanks for the reply by the way :)

I already made an account but since yesterday i can't log in... I even change my password but still gives error...Something about "too many IP adresses trying to acess securety area".
So i can't log in, i even send you a message about a work that i loved to to with your story "Secrets in Dark"...Kind of a doujinshi...My username is Veruxka so...
Thank you for your time:D

iluvuhx3: I activated your account manually, you should be able to log in now.

veruxka: Your account looks like it should be fine. I got and responded to your PM. Not sure why you got that message, but hopefully it was just a temporary quirk that has sorted itself out. *keeps her fingers crossed* Try logging in again or resetting your password again if you need to and let me know if it's still giving you any error messages.

my username is anaritazonaska and i cant seem to login, the site says that my password or username is wrong and then when i try to reset the password by sending in my email, an error comes up :/

anaritazonaska: I don't see any users with your username. Maybe you spelled it differently? Try signing up again. Let me know if you have any problems.

Can't wait!
I have been away from fanfic since May (planned to return on thursday the 3rd)....and I've missed VK!
I will join you soon (if my internet holds up).
Hope your summer has been less stressful.....ps- did you get to go to one of the Uproar concerts yet? I just got tickets for the 27th...can't wait to see Three Days Grace and Bullet! Hopefully it will help me with my one story...

I have registered but I did not receive any confirmation email and hence I could not log in. Can you help me to verify? My username is kanshou87.

TheSicklyRoseVamp1229: Yay! Hope your internet holds up. :) My summer has been a bit stressful unfortunately, but not too bad. No, I haven't gone but that sounds awesome, have a great time!!

kanshou87: I manually activated your account for you so hopefully you should be able to log in fine now. :)

It seems like I'm experiencing the same problem as kanshou87! T^T I registered but I didn't receive any confirmation email, and so I can't log in!

C-Could you help me? Or should I wait for another day? (>_<) My username is cocobi94.

P/S: Since both me and kanshou87 came from the same country, Malaysia, I wonder if it has something to do with that! But I doubt that's the case! \(--)/ O-or perhaps my blood is detestable?! *sniffs*

O(≧∇≦)O I get the confirmation email just now! It seems like it's late, but it came finally! So yeah, my problem is solved :D *Goes to the site and visit the bunnies* ヘ(^_^ヘ)

cocobi: Glad it worked out! Yeah, sometimes it just takes the activation emails a little while to show up it seems.

Just joined ^^


Hey ~

I signed up but I still haven't received the activation email and it's been a day! I looked through my junk mail as well but no luck. =3= So I was wondering if you could activate my account for me? :D

My username is mel0

Thanks in advance!

mel0: Your account has been activated! :)

I put in the wrong e-mail when I sined up. How do I change it?

we see.. you now became inactive on updating the Vampire Knight's latest manga chapter..? Is anything happened?

i have a little problem...the site is not letting me log in. I type in my username and password and click the log in button and when the new page loads up...i am not logged in!!! and i got the activation email and all too. plz help
my username is zonaskaleaon

Anon1: If you let me know your user name, I can activate you and then you can log in and change your email. Otherwise just create a new account with your correct email.

Anon2: There wasn't a new VK chapter last month, Ms. Hino took the month off. Was just about to post about the previous chapter though, since I never really talked much about it because life likes to jump up and down and do the polka on my free time. ;P

zonaskaleaon: Oh dear! :S I'm afraid I have no idea why that would be happening. Hopefully it was a temporary issue and has cleared up by now? If not maybe try using a different browser. Maybe your browser is blocking cookies or javascript or something?

it's zonaskaleaon again and the problem is still there....i have tried to log in from 3 different computers and two different browsers (internet explorer and google chrome) but no luck :(

it's zonaskaleaon again and the problem is still there....i have tried to log in from 3 different computers and two different browsers (internet explorer and google chrome) but no luck :(

thank you for all this <<
actually I have the same problem that most have. activating account <<; ...hmmm...for Holy Yaoi-sama's sake,I couldn't figure out what is wrong with it.
*returns to her cave* ^^;

Hi, I'm the person who put in the wrong e-mail.

My user name is 'butterfly', I would be vary thankful if you could activate my acount.

Sorry for the trouble.

This site is seriously one of the coolest things to happen to the fandom ever! X3 *adores it, cheers for it and looks forward to seeing it grow more and more*

zonaskaleaon: Very sorry, I don't know what to tell you, I'm not sure why that would happen. :( I re-activated and re-set your account, try it again and see if it works any better now.

Kai's Kitty: Thanks! Tell me your username and I'll activate you manually.

butterfly: Activated!

Sagakure: OOOOOMG!!!! *glomps you forever* Welcome back girl!!!!!!! And thanks!!!!

I just wanted to say thanks for creating such an awesome site. I'm using it for 2 months now. The only thing I'm missing is a forum to put up subjects, have discussions and converse with each other. I don't want to annoy you that much because this site already has amazing features but is there a possibility to include such a forum in the future?

Anon: Thanks!! That would be fun, but I'm not sure about trying to add a forum just yet. I may add one at some point in the future, but forums need moderators who can be around on a daily basis to keep an eye on things, which is something I can't do. Possibly as the site grows I may be able to get some volunteers to help and can start doing more things. We'll see what happens! Thanks again!

I don't know where else to go with this, but I have a problem; when I joined VK online, I lost the password to account, so I rejoined and now I can't remember that password. And there doesn't seem to be a help area where I can go to ask for help--or a way to ask for it, either. So I was wondering if you could somehow delete an account or something?

So, yeah. I hate my memory; it's so terrible.

By the way, you're awesome, Blackened Wing. And your fanfiction is awesome, too. I love it!

Username should be sfangell2012

Hey Blackened Wing, I've been on your site for quite some time now, and I like to say that it's a pretty cool site!

However, I've noticed recently that whenever I click on anything, whether it'd be the link to my profile or to view someone's submission, I get redirected to a page that says "404 Not Found." I'm not sure if that's just a problem with my computer, but it's been going on for quite a while and preventing me from enjoying your awesome site. D=

Anyway, I also want to thank you for taking your time to create a site like that for all of the Vampire Knight community~ =D

I've made an account and already receiving activation mail and clicked it. But it seems I can't get the log in access and it keep saying; You are temporarily Locked Out. My username is shizuyan.

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