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New Secrets in the Dark Chapter!

*does a small drum roll* Ba-da! Next chapter of SitD FINALLY posted. Geez, if I write any slower I'll be writing backwards, right? :P Oh well, at least I got another one out finally! :) That is not to say that it's necessarily any good... *sighs* It might totally suck. I've been looking at it too long I think.


Secrets in the Dark (Zero x Kaname) by Blackened Wing
Chapter Thirty-Three: "A New Wrinkle"

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I know we get yet another wrinkle in this chapter, but the story's actually just about over, so we'll be getting all the answers, and all the final action *glances menacingly at Nasser* in the next few chapters. :D

Sorry I still haven't updated my fanfic page yet. There's a lot of great stories that have been updated and that I want to add. I'm working on it! :)

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;____: U updated, I love youXD

Aaaand right from the beginning! No cat ears on Aido, I am a little dissapointedXD But he was adorably weakened and vulnerable in this chapter and that obviously made me happy (weird person that I amXD). And Cristmas in March? Aido's freak out towards Zero and Zero's reaction to it - You understand that now I will have to draw them together acting all lovey dovey and stuff, don't you?>_>

Is that the virus doing? Or is it because of Zero's and Kaname's blood confusion (Kaname did feed Zero barely a hour and a half before Zero shared his blood with Hana, so I guess...?) Personally I think it would be hilarious if Hana's attentions moved from Kaname toward Zero for a while - how would the pureblood react to it?XD And I'd love to see more of the 'vamping-out' like that*^^* Suspicious it is that Hana's instincts used THAT particular way of grabbing Zero's attention. Something to share with the class, Zero? *gets shot*

Oy, Kain, marry already! Geez, the longest not-yet-fiances-thing everXD Listen to your cousin, he knows that stuff>_>

Kaname... I can't stand the guy, he's just soo good it's impossibleXD I want a boyfriend like that! Not that Zero doesn't deserve him, but man, they should sell them in packets;__; Lovely bath scene, I'm a sucker for those*____*

Argh, I want the virus figured out! ;__; Now that my cookie is the only real survivor? What will it do to him? (cat ears? *ndge nudge*XD)I hope for drama and even more drama in those few last chapters^^ And that most of that drama concerns Nasser and makes up his nasty end^_^
However, he's a good villain, well rounded and dangerous, it would make sense to keep him for a bit longer^_^ Good villains like that are rare to find. Hm, intelligent enough to admit defeat... I respect him for that^^ Maybe Kain can kill him in the end?XD

I shall stop talking here now (damn the urge to write looong comments>_>) It was a good, funny and heartwarming chapter, I hope that your muse gets better as the story comes to end^^ I know that werapping up such a long story is hard, but it's also the most enjoyable^_^ *i shall draw you a snuggly Zero sometimes soonXD*

Holly sh**...!!!

I know I´ve alredy said this sooo many times, but Naser is the biggest piece of sh**, and he deserves the most horrible, humiliating and painful death you can come up with.

He's put half the world in danger of collapsing in a nuclear war just to cover his sorry ass, ¿or is that just a distraction to keep Kaname from uncovering his real plans? What does the virus have to do with all of this? The pieces of these puzzle-like plot are starting to come together.
Arrggghhh!! The suspense is killing me!

BTW, sorry for not sending a review for the last few chapters.
I've been very buisy recently.

As allways, I'll be waiting impaciently for the next update.
Now even more, knowing that the end of this story is near :´(
But hopefully not the end of this wonderful series, right, right? *teary puppy eyes*

All right, I'll shut up now XD

Just when my day had been going bad. Thank You!

(Now if I could only remember what had been going on... :P)

hi, been reading anonymously for quite a while and have read all your zeroxkaname stories. must must comment on your aidoxzero scene, love it! thank you for all your stories! can't wait for the next one ;D

jeza-red: LOL yes, sorry about the cat-ears... but at least we have your lovely picture to console ourselves with! ;) Heheh I kind of thought you might enjoy Aido's little reaction to Zero there... 0:D Couldn't resist. Oooooooh yes, yes, yes! *nods emphatically with the idea of you drawing them so...* ;D

It was partially a bit of blood confusion, both because of Zero feeding from Kaname and because Kaname also fed Aido, but Aido only remembers drinking from Zero, so his half-lucid cravings were aimed in that direction. ;) But it was also partially because Aido was so weak he was kicking into vamp mode and he very likely would have hit on Zero anyway... possibly a slightly revealing action since I have this little personal theory that deep down, Aido could possibly have come to like Zero as something more than a friend if Zero wasn't already spoken for. ;) I'm not going anywhere with that in these fics, but it's just this thought I have and I couldn't resist sliding that in there.

Hahah yeah, suspicious indeed... XD *ducks to avoid also getting shot*

*vigorous nodding* Yes, they should definitely sell Kaname in packets. LOL I want some too!

Yes, there shall indeed be lots of drama in the next few chappies! :)

Ooo! *squees softly at the idea of the drawing* yes, yess!!! *puppy dog eyes*

Thanks so much!!!

Araya-chan: LOL yeah, that he is, and that he does. ;) Hmmm, what exactly is he up to indeed? I wonder... *waggles eyebrows* :D We shall know soon!

No problem, I know all about busy :P Glad you're still enjoying the story!! Well, I have lots more ideas for continuing the story, but given the difficulty I'm having writing I can't promise I'll be doing anymore... but who knows? We'll see! Thanks!! *big hugs*

Anon1: You're welcome! Thanks!

Anon2: Thank you very much!!

This chapter was great! I read it as soon as you released it but I took my time to comment. :D Writing reviews in english isn't my forte but I really enjoy reading your stories. Anyway, it's good to see that things are finally beginning to look good for our boys. :D

Minelauva: Thank you very much! :)

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