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"Take Me" - Kaname x Zero Lemon
Missing / Bonus Scene

Alrighty then! Finished up that missing / deleted scene that I promised from "Take the Lead". :D Veeeery lemony. Heck, whole thing is one long (hopefully not sucky or overdone) lemon.

My "little" one-shot ended up about 16 pages long... LOL so once again I totally fail at writing anything that can actually be called "short". ;)


Take Me
by Blackened Wing

Rating: M

Summary: Zero cursed in breathless ecstasy, half reclined on the grass, support arm trembling and fingers knotted tightly in Kaname's raven hair as the pureblood knelt immovably between his legs with a tender smile. MISSING SCENE from "Take the Lead". Yaoi Lemon.

Warnings: Graphic Yaoi Lemon, male/male sex and romance, established relationship between Kaname and Zero. If any of that bothers you, stop reading right now. Seriously. If you don't like Yaoi, or the thought of these two guys together, there is nothing of interest for you in this fic. If, however, you're obsessed like me... XD

Pairings: Kaname x Zero

Series: This story is part of the Duet Series, which follows Kaname and Zero and their relationship as based off of my story "Crimson Door". This story is a "missing scene" from my fic "Take the Lead."

Full header and disclaimer information can be found on the story itself.



The title just seemed to fit with some of the events in the fic. ;D And kind of loosely ties back to "Take the Lead" too, or at least, it was supposed to, LOL.

Random note in case anyone actually cares - the "teaser" snippet in the summary is worded differently in the fic itself, but you only have 255 characters allowed in an FFN summary, sooo... yeah, adjustments are necessary. :)

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So much love for the wonderful fic!! :D ♥ ♥ ♥

I forgot to ask you in the mail I just sent, but did you already get the latest VK volume?
I got some extra copies, so if you haven't yet/if you'd like, I can pop one in the mail for you. :D

Hey, are any of us complaining that it ended up 16 pages of utter goodness, Vani? Nope, thought not :D

It is love, love, love... not overdone, definitely not sucky at all and OMG, I LOVED IT! *is all hyper and melty gushy*

Pushing RL aside to review now... *hearts*

ahahah ahahh hahah at the end you still posted it ;D which is awesome everyone gets to read it now <3 wonderful and flawless as eva ;DD

OM! that was... *thinks of amazing word to describe it*... thrilling? My ability to think coherently right now is not great XD

It definitely wasn't sucky or overdone as always I thought it was brilliant!!!!!!!!!!!!

At the last chapter i think the only thing I could get out was "i love you"....

So now I think we're at will you marry me?

That was utterly wonderful~
Noone cares if it was supposed to be short, I think it's safe to say that everyone loved that it turned out long! *is all bouncey that it was the length that it was*

thank you so much for writting/posting all these lovely stories. *hugs*

Okay... Wow... There is now no point at all of me EVER writing a lemon... At least not a Kaname/Zero one...

That was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G, Amazing, with a capital 'A'.

Completely flawless... Though I am once again looking forward to you putting them to the heart-wrenching, nerve-grinding, and tear-me-to-shreds angst and agony again... >___< So evil. Why can I not ever wish good upon a character?!? D:

Sagakure: Thank you!!!! And thank you so much for offering! I emailed you back about it. *♥snuggles*

YenGirl: *giggles* yay! My muse may be sluggish to get going sometimes, but once started she just won't shut up. XD *bounces and hugs tightly* Thank you!!♥

Yumiii: LOL yup, couldn't help it. The lemons will have their way... XD Thanks!

Vampiric Rose: Yay! So glad you found it exciting!! *glomps* Thank you!

colleen: LOL! Hmm... my fiance might have an issue with it, but hey... he hasn't set a date yet, so maybe I should tell him he's got competition! XD *giggles and hugs* Thank you so much, I'm truly delighted that you enjoyed it!!

Amorpheous: LOL thank you so much!!♥♥ BUT I MUST OBJECT!! There is certainly still plenty of call for you to write a Kaname/Zero lemon if you ever feel the desire... *coughs and tries to pretend she isn't sending a fruit basket full of bouncing, smiling lemons your way* XD

Mwahahah well good, glad to know I'm not alone in looking forward to a little angst on the horizon... XD *high fives* See, I think we like angst and anguish becaues it makes such lovely hurt that we can then provide even more lovely comfort for afterwards. *nods* at least, that's my story and I'm sticking to it. ;D

That was totally amazing and hot! i don't know what else i can say. But thank you 4 making it a long chapter! ^^ hehe...i'm greedy. could i make a teensy little request? well...u mentioned a few times how kaname would like to...be a bit rough with zero...cos it's his pureblood nature. but u didn't really write a lemon with that, did u? or did i miss it? so, mayb u could be so kind as to...write one? *blush* not that all ur other lemons aren't wonderful, but ...all those hints about some rough KZ, but no actual lemon fics! just consider it, please? *puppy eyes*

Anon: You're very welcome and thank you!! :D

Hm, you're right, I haven't really written a straight up lemon yet where that happens, have I? Well don't worry, I'm certain I shall. :D There might actually be something like that at one point during the course of my next story, depending on how indepth I end up taking a scene I have in mind, so we'll see! But it will definitely happen sooner or later.

I love this! soo....arousing, in a strange way almost. <3 ^.^

Loved it It was epiawebrilliento
*Epic awesome brillient and I'm not sure what the O's for*Hahahaha lol yeah i suck at spelling anyway Your awesomated.¡Smily face!

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