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LOL okay, you want to know one of the many downsides of being born on April Fools Day? (Besides the fact that when you're a kid everybody thinks its funny to make you open empty boxes before giving you the real ones :S) You tell people its your birthday and they think you're kidding. *chuckles* Had that happen with some people at lunch today o_o

Ah well...

On the upside, I can tell everyone that my birthday explains my insanity. :D *nod nod*

Too bad we don't know when any of our favorite VK Characters' birthdays are...


Happy belated birthday!

Happy Birthday! Many happy returns :)

Hey~! Belated Happy Birthday. :D

I wish you a very Happy Birthday too! though I arrived late... *tiny tears appear in her eyes*

I have no idea what is April's fools... but if that's a good excuse to be a bit crazy then I wish I had been born on that day too...because there's no excuse for my insanity *shakes head and sighs*


Oh, it was April Fools Day, not April's Flools. I'm so sorry, I don't know why I wrote that *runs in circles wishing she could erase her other comment*

*starts singing like a crow* Haaaaappy birthday to youuuuu, haaaappy birtday to youuuuu...!!!! *hides inmediately from her cats hissing and trying to claw her* Don't know how old are you but, hey, you're young of heart, be sure XDDDD

Oh, it was April Fool's Day yesterday? Here it's on december 28th. The world is crazy! Had Kaname and Zero bought you some present? ;p

aah sorry I didn't get a chance to get on yesterday

Happy birthday for yesterday! XD sorry its late!

*group huggles everybody* Aww, thank you all! :D

Shi, wana10 and kagenohikari8: Thank you, thank you! :)

Malena: LOL that's okay, it wasn't like my post made the most sense to begin with! ;) *continues to blame her insanity on birth* Thanks! And no worries about being late *hugs* Really, you're not late, because I'm not really officially celebrating until the weekend anyway. :)

VaneCaos: *beams* LOL aw, well I thought you sang beautifully! XD Cats are so hard to please... ;) LOL that's right, young at heart, I will definitely go with that. ;D

Wow, I didn't realize it was a different date in different places. It is a crazy world, isn't it? ;) LOL no, I think Kaname and Zero are hiding from me still...

Vampiric Rose: no worries, thanks!! *big hugs*

Happy Birthday!!!!
Well you my not know me, but since you like KanamexZero and you seem and probably are nice, I'm going to say happy birthday!

P.S. Don't worry I'm insane to!!

*hides in a corner and cries away* I know I wished you a belated birthday but here it is again - Happy, Happy Birthday, Vani! *tight hugs* And you're still younger than me, no no worries! :D

I don't think I'll sing anything in case Vane's cats or Ash overhears and gets traumatised for life!

I'll go tell Kaname and Zero to get their (naked) butts out of hiding and stop what they're doing long enough to get you nice pressies... like maybe some undressable and anatomically correct K and Z plushies? *winks*

Enjoy your special weekend!

Am/Po Biotch: Thank you! So nice of you to comment! Yay! Yes, KxZ Forever! :D LOL glad to know you're insane too. ;) Thanks!

YenGirl: What? Crying? No crying! *hugs back super tightly* Thank you!! :D Hehehe yes, they can just bring their (naked) butts over here if they want... ;) Ooh! There's a great pressie idea... *chuckles*


*cries a flood of tears that sweeps her away* Waaaaahh! This is what happens when I don't get online enough these days! I miss important things like b-days! *runs over and glomps Vani in a hug* I'm sorry I missed it but HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY, VANI!! I hope you had an awesome b-day filled with fun and goodies. Heheh, I know someone else born on April 1st and they said almost the exact same thing. *chuckles* You poor things. Still, excuses for insanity are good. >.> <.< Heaven knows I need to find out what my excuse is one day ^.-

Anyways, *sniffle* I'm still bummed I missed it, but I just had to send you a b-day wish. Hopefully I'll actually be able to catch up on all the other wonderful goodness I've missed, but until things slow down, I'm way stuck in a rut. >.<

*sends Vampire Knight inspiratory goodies her way* Yen was right too. Hopefully Kaname and Zero took out at least some time from their ever so *cough* busy schedule to give you a nice present... or two... or three... ya know, nothing major.... just THEM or something. LOL!

Anyways take care Vani!

- Rikali

Rikali: hi!! *tackle pounces* So good to hear from ya! :) No worries! *huggles* All birthday wishes are accepted no matter the time! ;) And I appreciate it, thanks!

LOL yes, all us April Fools Day Babies are probably a little warped in some way or another... ;) LOL although sometimes I think that just living is a good enough excuse for insanity. XD

Hope things slow down for you eventually and that you're still able to have fun along the way. :) *hugs*

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