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New Vampire Knight Fanfiction

Finally ready to start posting my two new Vampire Knight stories! So here they are. You can find a more complete explination of the two different series and such on my ffn bio: http://www.fanfiction.net/~blackenedwing

Click on the story title to read the story.


Blood Moon
by Blackened Wing

Rating: M

Summary: Yuki's death shatters Zero's and Kaname's world and drives them forcefully apart. Torn by guilt and blame but bound by blood, they must either salvage their relationship or face the reality that they will destroy each other. Is there any common ground left for two broken and angry hearts?

Warnings: Somewhat graphic yaoi (male/male) lemon. Blood, violence, vampirism, character death (remembered), attempted suicide, character whumping and intense angst. If any of the preceding disturbs you, please don't read this story. Other warnings may be added to individual chapters as the story progresses depending on how things unfold.

Pairings: Kaname x Zero

Series: This story is part of the Duet Series, which follows Kaname and Zero and their relationship as based off of my story "Crimson Door".

More notes and important information can be found in the header of the actual story.


Five Hundred Miles
by Blackened Wing

Rating: M

Summary: Called away right before Yuki's graduation, Kaname and Zero are in a hurry to get back in time. But a plane crash, an inhospitable jungle, warring guerilla factions and serious injuries plunge them into a struggle for survival that they may not escape at all.

Warnings: Fairly graphic Lemon-ness including elements of het (male/female), yaoi (male/male) and threesome (male/female/male). This story portrays an established, committed relationship between three people who love each other. If any of the preceding threatens to disturb you, please don't read this story. Warnings too on some character whumping and minor scary/thematic events later on. If you are overly phobic of airplanes and airplane crashes... uh... well, you've been warned.

Pairings: Kaname x Yuki x Zero – yes, mix match and together in any order ;)

Series: This story is part of the Trio Series, which follows Kaname, Zero and Yuki and their relationship as based off of my story "Crimson Door".

More notes and important information can be found in the header of the actual story.


The two stories are very different from one another in setting, tone, and timeframe, and of course they're both completely AU from one another since in one series, Yuki lives, and in one series, Yuki dies. So hopefully that won't throw anyone off. I've been putting a lot of work into them already so I'm really, really nervous about both stories and whether or not people will like them *hides behind her muse* but I guess we'll see.

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Since I read on your profile that you would start these series, I was waiting for the first chapters...

They are both very good!
The happy trio is... absolutely beautiful and lovely!
And poor Zero, poor Kaname! I hope they will catch that murderer! Together, of course...

I hope no one will get jealous of your writing obsession... :)

Wow...you're such a descriptive writer. "crimson Door" is such a nice change after all the crap I read at fanfiction.net written by people who have not a drop of detail or proper grammar. Go on, lecture me, I stayed up til 1 reading the first 11 chapters. They're so good >.< I wish I had that kinda imagination...<3 I love your devotion to Vampire Knight...it's like...awesome? xDD

Thanks so much! :D Glad you liked them both!

LOL well the only person I'd worry about getting jealous over it would be leaving himself waaay too open for some return ribbing about his little obsession with World of Warcraft, so I'm pretty safe... 0;)

tsuki: *blushes happily* thank you! Wow, until 1, huh? Hope you got some good rest afterwards! I'm so complimented that you enjoyed the story and found it well written. :D Thanks again!

LOL thanks, I suppose that devotion just about borders on obsession in this case... I love VK, what can I say? So fun to find others who love it too!

I love those two new fics! It's interesting to note how the two stories mood contrast with one another, one being light and the other dark. Well, I guess that just shows your talent as a writer. ;D

I just read the second chapter of Black Moon. Poor Zero...I hope Kaname is in time.

There's one thing that I'm curious about since you change the layout of your blog. Where did you get the pic of Kaname and Zero in your banner? I tried to find it but it doesn't seem available anywhere else. Do you mind putting up the original picture?

Yes, there is quite a contrast in mood / tone there. Thank you so much! Yes... hurry Kaname! Hurry! :)

As for the picture, sure thing! Below is a link to the original picture that I used:
All Dressed Up

i just finished reading five hundred miles, was absolutely amazing couldent stop reading. you are an amazing writer i love your style of writing. now im trying to figure out wich one of your fanfictions to read next... any suggestions???

mistyrose1097: Thank you so much!! I'm really glad you liked it!! As for what to read next... have you already read "Crimson Door"? If not, I'd go back and read that. If you have, then you might want to try my other sequel / spin off from that story "Blood Moon". If you check my Fanfiction.net bio page (http://www.fanfiction.net/~blackenedwing) I have a list of my stories in order, so that kind of shows sequence that my "Series" stories should be read in. I have various one-shots and stand-alone stories too. Hope that helps!

i havent read the crimson door yet, will reading that efect the ending of the manga at all? i have finished the anime though.

mistyrose1097: Crimson Door splits off from the manga around Chapter 32-33 of the manga (shortly after Zero drank from Kaname, long before the confrontation with Rido). My story shares the same history with the manga until that point, but then everything from there on out is different. So if you're asking if reading that will spoiler current events in the manga, no, it won't, especially if you've already seen the anime. :)

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