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Kaname Kuran Pictures

Did some more fan art, just for my personal pleasure this time. I've actually been working on it for a while, but I got in an inspirational fit late Sunday night and stayed up until 3am finishing it. LOL

It's a picture of Kaname Kuran with two white tigers. I enjoy the symbolic simile of tigers and vampires - their deadly grace and the black and white stripes of the tigers, and the night class uniforms. Okay... getting way too deep, I'm sure, but anyway, I'm mostly pleased with the way the pictures came out at least. Click on the thumbnails below to see the full sized pictures on Deviant Art.

I also did a version that includes the words to William Blake's poem "Tiger, Tiger" which is one of my favorite classical poems and happens to work very well for Vampires in my opinion:

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I love your pictures! I'm fond of predators usually, and seeing tigers and a handsome vampire together....
You did a good work, both Kaname and the tigers look beautiful. Animals are not easy to draw...
I hope you weren't late from work on Monday!

I have never read the original poem of "Tiger, Tiger" , but the translated version was very good, and it's also one of my favourites...I like the picture with the poem as much as the other...

Thanks so much!! :D Yeah, when the idea hit me I couldn't resist the notion of a certain handsome vampire with a couple of tigers curled about... ironically the tigers were the hardest part to draw though! I had a good visual reference for trying to draw Kaname, although I drew him too light and it was a pain and a half trying to darken the image up in photoshop enough to make the lines visible without them getting all grainy. The reference pic I had for the tigers was really tiny and I just don't draw animals very well I think :P You're right, they're hard to do!

LOL well, I wasn't late for work, but I was just lucky that it was such a busy morning I didn't have time to sit still very long, or I would have been dozing! Lots of coffee that day!

Thanks, I'm glad you liked the version with the words too. Just couldn't resist doing it.

Your tigers were very good! I think cat-like animals are even harder than others, because it's hard to catch their grace and simmetry.

Kaname is also perfect. And you drew the shadows also very well. I am very bad at that...if you don't mind, I will try to learn from your pictures....

Looking forward seeing more pics by you!!!

Thanks! :) And hey... I've seen your work, you're not bad at shadows at all. You do very good with them! :D But sure, I'd be honored to think my pictures were insperational in any way.

I'm actually not so good with shadows and shading in straight up pencil drawing. I mean I do okay, but I feel I'm much better when I'm doing shading in color, and when I'm doing it on the computer. I have to admit, when I am drawing by hand I constantly find myself wising for that little "undo" button... heh.

Thanks again! :)

The darkened sky with the stars, the beautiful tigers and Kaname - that eye and that half smile! *melts into puddle* This is more Matsuri-Hino style if u know what I mean...
And how the shadows make his white jacket looks like satin *melted puddle quivers*
My art sucks so I just envy *grin*
- YenGirl

:D Yes, I was definitely trying to go for Ms. Hino's style with this one. Thanks so much!!

Ooo... dear... now you have me thinking of Kaname in a satin/silk version of his uniform... ah... must... touch... ;D

Thanks so much!!

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