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Zero x Kaname Vampire Knight Doushinji

Okay, well, after much prolonged agonizing and indecision, I have decided to go ahead and post my Vampire Knights doujinshi. I can't promise that it's any good, it probably isn't, but well... here it is. I created it with a mixture of Poser and Photoshop. The characters are nowhere near Ms. Hino's incredible style, and probably don't look that much like who they're supposed to at all, but... well... you get the idea, anyway.

WARNINGS: This work is rated MA / NC-17 - it contains nudity, blood and fairly graphic images of yaoi or slash which means male/male sex. This is intended for mature audiences only, if you are under the legal age to be viewing such materials in your country, or if any of that disturbs you, then don't read it.

Your Sins Into Me

View Zero x Kaname Doushinji

Please note that this has nothing to do with my story "Crimson Door", although I may have used one or two lines in common at certain points. But the situation and characterizations are different. LOL In this one Zero is actually the aggressor... I know, there's a turn around, huh? Maybe it's kinda OOC for them... I don't know... it worked in my head when I put it together, buuuut... well, it was fun to make anyway.

Well, I'm nervous as heck, but I would (hesitantly) love to hear what people think! (Just please don't tell me that Kaname and Zero don't look right... I already know that, but it's the best I could do).

Disclaimers: VK and it's characters do not belong to me, they belong to Ms. Hino and her publishers and I make no profit off this. The images and artwork are mine, however, so please do not repost them or use them without my permission. If you wish to link to the douji, please link to this post (http://my-vampire-heart.blogspot.com/2008/01/zero-x-kaname-vampire-knight-doushinji.html) rather than directly to the gallery view so that these disclaimers and warnings remain intact. Thank you!

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Well it's a good thing I am 22 years old....:) You had to work a lot on this, there are many perspectives, and you even showed the shadows and light. And I think it's very hard to create something natural with computer, so I think you did a good work. It was interesting to see Zero as the more agressive one...although you made him like that in the last chapter of Crimson Door too:)Zero's face, when he realized that he had been Kaname's first...you caught it right:)
I have to admit, that I have never read or see a real hentai or slash, so I can't compare, but this wasn't only about sex, their feelings and thoughts were just as important. I know you played with the characters, but they weren't very OOC. And I love Kaname's last sentence..."I don't want to lose any more people whom I care about..." So, all in all: great work!:)

:D *Huge smiles* You just made my day! Can't tell you how relieved and pleased I am that you enjoyed it! Yeah, it took quite a long time to get it all put together... that was one project I could *not* do at work. I don't think I ever appreciated before the work that goes into laying out the panels of a manga or comic before I tried to do this - I had no idea that trying to make it flow and look natural could be tricky!

Subtle expressions and emotions were also tricky to capture right, so I'm soooo glad that they came across okay, like when Zero realizes he was Kaname's first. :)

LOL yes, you're right, I guess Zero was a bit more like that in the last chapter of CD. What can I say? I kinda like seeing him/them like that sometimes. ;D

I'm also really glad that feelings and emotions came across too... I was really hoping they would.

Thanks so much! And thanks for commenting so quickly :D Can't tell you how much you set my mind at ease. You know, you're very insperational. *hugs* Thanks.

P.S. Just curious, is there a name I can call you by? Do you want me to use your fanfiction.net handle, or something else?

My name is Emese...it means "little mother" in my language:) To be honest, I also wanted to ask your name, but I thought it would be indiscretion, since you must have a lot of reader...you wouldn't tell your name everyone, would you? But if you don't mind.....I would like to know your name as well..........

And you can find me on the VK forum too:) My name there is Robin (surprise?) You wrote a lot of posts:) I don't really like writing on forums, because I prefer talking/writing to one particular person:) But I read your messages:)


Emese - that's a beautiful name! :) My name's Vanessa, but most people call me Vani. Fortunately, I don't think anyone I know in real life is likely to find my blog... so I should be safe *crosses fingers* LOL

You're on the VK forums too? Neat! *chuckles* yeah... I'm kind of a chatter box sometimes. ;)

So... if I wanted to mention you or something you sent me (like when you post cool links and such) in my blog, would you prefer me to use Emese or Robin? Either way is fine. I usually prefer people to call me Blackened Wing online, but we kinda almost know each other now :) So you can call me anything you like. :)

Well, Robin is only a nickname, so...I think I would prefer if you called me by my real name. After all, we kinda know each other, as you said. :)

Sorry, I almost forgot to praise the cover! It definitely refers the plot:) And you hit the title too:) I like Silver and cold. The style of the letters is also very good.


Thanks so much! :D

Going through your Doushinji again, it's def. better than I remembered! I think I was too embarrassed the first time to really pay close attention *blush* Uh, excuuuuse me a mo'.. *ducks out to splash cold water on face before running back to PC*

It was fun to see Z taking K, not knowing he was K's first...then later when he knew - ooh! And I like the shade/hue of their skin in d pic when K takes over, like lit by firelight y'know... and the last scene when K hints that he actually does care for Z.... oooh *real swoon*

*wakes up* It would b so cool if u could do one on d first time they made out in Crimson Door *whispers 'warehouse'* Me likee that chappee veree muchee...

*reads said chapter again, then rushes off to splash more cold water on face* You rock, girl!

- YenGirl

lol! Can't imagine why you were embaressed... *ducks out to splash some water on her own face as well* Heh, you have no idea how carefully I hid my computer screen when I was working on creating that! LOL

Thanks so much! Yeah, I had fun with the whole idea of it, and the lighting and everything too, thanks!! Thanks so much for letting me know what you think, 'tis really appreciated. :D

Hmmm... oh dear... it would be rather fun to try to do that scene... ack! *gives you a wary eye* you're trying to sic my muse on me again aren't you?! LOL well it sure does sound like a fun idea for sometime... ;)

Yes! Yes I am - total confession here, LOL!
I just think that chapter was so good. I know I've said this before - you did good by not using explicit terms (which personally turn me a bit off) but your readers are left in doubt of each and every action. And it could have sounded messy (I bet it actually was - after all, it's not like K packed tissues in his backpack or anything to clean up with, LOL!*) but it sure didn't feel like it *sigh in pure happiness then brings up said chapter to be re-read for the, uh, 999th time...*
- YenGirl

lol love these guy on guy story... wanna read more =P

-awesome vampire


I wanted to ask you for permittion to see if I could link your wonderful zero/kaname doujinshi to my community of Vampire Knight YAOI. I would really apreciate it. And I will also give you the creidit you deserve. Thank You.

-Viola Morte-

Sure thing! Thank you so much for asking. :)

Just please be sure to link to the main Douji page (the one you commented on) here:


So that people can read the warnings and everything before they start reading the story.

Thanks again for asking!! I will have to check out your community, it sounds cool! :)

Thank You very much for letting me post it on my Community. Feel free to look around it. I havent had much posted since i just started posting today, but I'll try to make it better. Also your welcome to join, and post anything that you like about vampire knigth yaoi.
Thank You once again.

You're very welcome!
Yup, been looking around, looks nice! Always great to find more people enjoying the same things I do! :D

Yea it's rare to find people to find what you like somentimes. :D

OO..THis is the first zero and Kaname manga I've read (of course it is!! )LOL.
I really like it and you actually put uhh, position of bodies and stuff.lol. Nice use of lights and shadows. Though I think Kaname and Zero don't really look like Kaname and Zero in the manga, but it was a very good attempt using computers.
PS. If you look at Kaname's teeth, they looked spotty and made me think it was dirty or something.lol!!

Thanks! Yeah, I know, they don't really look like themselves at all, but unfortunately I'm not remotely a manga-ka and this was my first attempt, so I had to use the software a lot and then try to manip it afterwards. I've gotten better at drawing Kaname and Zero lately, so someday maybe I'll do another one and see if I can do better... but I would have to have significantly more time on my hands. LOL

I'm glad you enjoyed it! Yeah... I keep looking around for other Vampire Knight doujinshis, but there's a sad lack of them out there right now.

Hi there! It really is an amazing work! I like it! I wondered after I saw your name that which country you were born in? :) Emese sounds quite hungarianish to me! XD

Oh and a little question about the doujin. Can I share it somewhere else of course with full credit?

Also I'm hungarian so I'm kinda curious. :)

Uhhh I'm sorry I mistook it! >< Ok I see it wasn't your name! :D You are american eyyyyyyy sorry


LOL no problem at all! Yup, I'm American, but my friend, Emese, is Hungarian, so you're right on the name. :D

Thank you SO much! I'm really glad you liked the doujin. I wish I could do better actually, but at least it's something! Yeah, so long as full credit is attached, you can share it elsewhere. Actually, if you want to you can just link to this page to show people: http://my-vampire-heart.blogspot.com/2008/01/zero-x-kaname-vampire-knight-doushinji.html

Since that has all the warnings and stuff on it too.

Thanks for asking!

Nah thanks for letting me dear! ^^ HAWTNESS XD

Oh this was great. The interplay between Zero and Kaname was well done and the atmosphere made their actions very sensual.
It's true that they dont really look like Zero or Kaname but that was only for the first 10 pages, after that I got accustomed so it didn't matter. that said though I look forward to reading your re-write ^______^

Well i agree that at first i was disappointed with the characters, the shading did bother me.
Howeeeeverrrrr... after rereading it again, i realized it really does go well with the story, so don't worry about it.
Being original is definately not a bad thing even if it's not what we are accostumed to seeing.
Keep up the good work and hopefully in the future there will be more of it c:

I finished reading Crimson Door a few days ago...and now that I am reading the DJ and saw that you mentioned that you used some lines here and there from it, I just had to tell you that I deeply, deeply respect you.

You are one of the most talented people I have ever came across. I loved Crimson Door so much that I finished it again last night and I am really considering starting to read it again for the third time.

I have finished reading the DJ as well and I must say that you are as great of an artist as you are as a writer.

Thanks a lot for sharing your work (writing and/or drawing) with us. You're great.


I am quite impressed that my first piece of doujin this year was VK. It was ultimate hotness. I found this to be extremely yummy and I just found the site today so, color me quite pleased. I've been looking for a place where I can come a roost with my fav VK pairings. I'm also hoping to be able to show off my skills as I enjoy writing fan fiction as well. I will definitely be back to read and hopefully contribute here.

Good stuff keep it up!!

Toka Atef: Thank you so very, very much!! It means a lot to me what you said and I'm so glad you enjoyed both the DJ and Crimson Door. :D Sorry the reply is so late, I missed seeing your comment until just now, but I appreciate it deeply. Thanks again!!

Perviepreistess: Thank you! :D First Douji in 09, huh? I am very honored! :D Welcome to the site, I'm happy that you found it and delighted to have found another fellow fan to be able to share the love of our favorite pureblood and hunter pairing with as well! :)

Awesome to hear that you'll be writing too, definitely let me know when you start posting. :) Hope to see you around!

Hey! I have seen a few episodes of VK and I did get the feeling that Zero and Kaname were a better match than Yuki... hehehehe but then I thought of it as the Yaoi freak in me... Love the story line... Oh! Well I'm just a sucker for Yaoi freebies... Don't know much about computer graphics or art but I tell you something... I like the story and the drawings looked yummi regardless... later,

Thank you so much!! :)

No matter how long I look, I cannot find ANY Yuuki and Zero Doujinshi. It makes me sad T3T

I know, I haven't been able to find any VK doujinshi period. *weeps* Well, actually I know of three, and a friend just helped me buy one of them, but for the most part they're next to impossible to get hold of. *sighs and wishes the fandom would produce more Doujis*

I gotta say your artwork is good. It looks like you've put a lot of effort in the drawings and colouring but I have one thing that I have to criticise about. Kaname seems to be REALLY out of character. I would prefer Kaname being the one doing all the action or the same role but less emotion. It's just hard to imagine that he would be the 'weaker' one kind of thing. It's not like Kaname to be angered like that and say "wha... what are you doing?" or something like that. It's like he's lost his cool in a bad way. I don't know how to describe it. Like he would be the one that pushes Zero. I really don't know how to say it.
Too mushy perhaps? But that's to my liking. Everyone has different opinions.
Other than that it's great!

(PS I seriously think Zero shouldn't have been his first. Lol. But I haven't got a wide range of creativity and I only have one version of Kaname stuck in my head.)

Anon: LOL well, I admit, it's pretty PWP. ;) It's also one of the first Vampire Knight things I created, so I was still trying to get a handle on everyone's characters. And, as you said, we all see them a little differently. ;)

The idea was that Kaname was being unexpectedly adversely affected by (in the scope of that story) having been repeatedly fed on by Zero over a period of time. Vampire biology wired a more submissive / prey response into him because of that, as well as making it very arousing. Because he's a pureblood it made him even more sensitive to it. Since usually probably, purebloods would normally never be repeated prey to someone unless they were in love with them and mutually submitting to one another. But the giving was all on Kaname's side in this situation, so that was supposed to be why he was kind of off-balance and OOC.

That was the intention anyway, I'm afraid I have no experience with Doujin / comics (writing fics is so much easier!) so I probably didn't convey it well. ;P LOL sorry about that.

Thanks for what you said about the art, and for the comment. :)

Great work, really! You managed to really express both the passion and their feelings, and I like your making Zero the agressive one. It must have taken ages to create that, but it was worth it, I truly enjoyed it. Keep it up!:)

Anon: Thanks so much! I'm really glad you liked it. Yes, it did take quite a long time to finish it, so thank you for the lovely feedback! :)

OMG! *recovering from my ultimate fangirl nosebleed*

This was amazing.You must have worked really hard on this and I was sooo impressed and swept away by this. I loved it.

Sexy! So awesome...words realy cannot describe my joy for this amazing piece of art. *hugs*

Thanks 4 this. 20 yrs old and I got the best Doushinji ever!

Lani: Thanks so much! Yes, I did work very hard on it, it took me a long time to complete and put together. I'm so happy you enjoyed it!!! Thank you!! :D

Hello Vanessa. I hope that I'm not being too rude calling you by name but I couldn't help it. I have this need to acknowledge authors by their names and not their screen name. Blackened Wing, I truely enjoyed your story about these two sexy bishounens. *Face still in nose bleed mode while writing.* This is the only one I've read so far but I do intend to read some more and give you more praises. I too have written a few stories but nothing relating to these two or any anime or manga; my own stories. Eventhough I have two still to finish for the past 3 years and thats because of work and the fact that at the time I had writers block *laughs* and I recently started again and am glad I did.

Anon: Thank you!! I'm very happy that you liked it and it could give you enjoyment! :D Nope, don't mind you calling me by name at all. Good luck with your writing!

You are soooooo good! I have enjoyed reading all your fanfics, and still wanting more. And now I found your DJ, it's so cool!!! Seeing Zero and Kaname in 'action' .... wow! Thanks so much!

irmina: Thank you so much!! *hugs* :)

ahem...*coughs* wow *searches for water for her face*. I have to admit, that i had absolutely NO idea what a "doushinji" was...i thought it was just a few pictures or something. I was wrong, and what an awesome time to be wrong it was! *laughs* that must have taken you AGES to do!! all your effort was SO worth it though! after i got over my own embarrassment; i realised the story you managed to put into this and the emotions. It was lovely, they're each other's firsts! I LOVED how you had them both taking each other instead of just one of them. The whole seme and uke thing gets me sometimes. That's one of the reasons i love your KxZ the most; you've made them equals! Anyways, well done! Cant wait for the next chapter of SitD!!


Lenko: LOL, oops! *sends you some cold water* I'm so happy that you liked it! It did take a loooong time to do, so thank you!

Yeah, I also like it when we get to see them go both ways when it comes to topping. They're both such strong characters, and with equals, it's just all the more hot when one or the other gives himself up to his partner... *dreamy smile* :D IMO anyway.

Thank you sooooo much!! :D *hugs*

Loved it.
I linked it from my blog, hope you don't mind.

Slave Simon: Thanks! Nope, don't mind at all.

I want to say a few things. first and foremost you are absolutly amazing! you doushinji as well as your stories. I want to thank you for bringing me into the VK yaoi world and more specifically the YAOI world in general. I had never read or looked at anything yaoi before I came across your story "Crimson Door". I am now an exteamily devoted Yaoi fan. I will never forget the first time I read that story * gets lost in her daydreams.....* anyway *cough* *cough*. I am ashamed to admit that I had never once considered pairing Kaname and Zero together. Expecially since in the manga they were in most senses enimes, so the thought of them being lovers never really came to me. But you make them work great together. I had looked right passed your story severel times before finally deciding to take the leap into Yaoi fiction. so thank you for that!
I honestly don't know how you do it. How can you possably create such beautiful, touching, romantic, emotional, lovely, suspenseful..... perfect stories? and they are so long to!!! not thats a bad thing of course! I really really really hope that you continue to right these amazing stories and i sincerely hope that secrets in the dark is not the last of the series! <333

wow! this is really good :) LOVING IT. :D
maybe you should make a version of Shiki and Kaname? hehehehe :''>

Eunice Yin <3

kids.nelson: Wow, thank you very much! *blushes and hugs you tightly* :D I really appreciate what you said and I'm so happy that my stories helped foster another yaoi fan! Yay! Mwahahaha welcome to the dark side... 0;)

Thank you again so very, very much!! :D

Eunice Yin: Thanks!! Yeah, that would be interesting to see too.

Haha no problem, I say nothing but the truth!.... The dark side is always better isn't it? lol :)

I'm a new comer to all this yaoi stuff but I have to say you do a remarkable job at it. Have you given any thought at making a new doujinshi. I know that it is very difficult and must take a lot of your time but I know it will be increable just like all your other works are. I have really taken to your writings. I want to say arigato for everything you have shared with myself and others.

anime_nympho: Thank you! Yes, I have thought about it actually. Unfortunately I lack the time or the sufficiant talent to make a really good one. But who knows? Maybe someday I'll be crazy enough to try again. ;)

Wow I really liked this! Can you do more these ??l

e0lande: Thanks!! I'd have to find a lot more time than I have right now, but who knows, maybe!

Its was okay from what I read. I had to stop reading it cause I just can't stomach the art cause they look like something from the game "Sims" animation @_@ Sorry good story line but horrible art.

So cute and sexy!
Full of feelings and passion. Great story. Great drawings.
Keep up!

very sexy. I liked it. ^^

Hi! I've just found your writnings and translations. I'm Hungarian and I also have a Vampire Knight Fansite. I'd like a permission to translate your works into Hungarian. Of course I would add yout name and your website to the translation too? What do you say? :)
Please write me an e-mail with your answer: y.kayla@hotmail.com
Thanks :)

arghhh dat was awesomeee xD

As a hetero female, I was absolutely stunned at how turned on I was by it. I never thought of Kaname & Zero being together honestly. I've thought about Kaname, Yuki and Zero being together, though, so that's close. Your opening graphic is outstanding. Your frame with Kaname shaking off Zero is excellent. I felt K's irritation at Zero for "staying too long".
And I love Zero's line "Now who's body in being more honest than they are? Perfect. Makes me think of the anime scene with K & Z when Kaname makes a similar statement. Yes! There's more but I know you have probably already heard it. Thanks for the great doujinshi and site! Dee

Deidre: Thank you!! LOL I was surprised by my reaction to my first introduction to Yaoi as well - it grows on one, doesn't it? :D I'm really glad you enjoyed my attempt at a Douji, thank you so much for everything you said!!! :)

Wow... um... yeah I ain't gonna tell u my age, nu uh! But, now I wanna do a doujin too, just draw it tho! YAY!

I have seen all you wounderful drawings and i have been trying to get a very speacial picture of zero and kaname made but no one has ever been able to do it. I was woundering if you would give it a try. my email is lovesuperman4ever@yahoo. email me please if you will consider it.

Anon: thank you very much for asking! I'm honored! Unfortunately I'm not really good enough or motivated enough as an artist to do commissions, but you might try looking over on DeviantArt, there's a bunch of great artists on there who do commission work. :)

Ah, I've read this doushinji quite a while ago. Then I started to read this amazingfanfiction series called Crimson Door. I didn't realize that the person who wrote my favorite fiction, made this amazing doushinji. I was so surprized the moment I saw your pin name. :D

keiko_yumi: Thank you so much!! :)

Wow major nosebleed from this. Its really good, i'm glad i came onto your blog and found this goodie. ^_^

I'm very impressed on the digital art. It must have taken alot of time and dedictaion. Your very talented.

Wah! I just stumbled across this and i'm so happy i did! It's amazing! The perfect combo of passion and romance! Please make more! ^//////^ ~Sakura Kiseki oxoxo

omj total nose bleed

hey this is Kinichi-Princess-of-The-Dark from FFN and midnightbluedestiny from DA, im loving your art and stories so much, I love the realness and the way you can keep my attention just with the style of your writing, its descriptive but doesnt stray from the point of it, i live it honestly and your art is amazing too.

can you post more kaname zero doujinshi please? ones that are harder to find? iv seen little pieces of ones that i looked for but couldnt find more than one page. please help?

oh, by the by your awesome ^_^

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